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Then there were some random projects. - end 2016 to now

This one a "Sue Spargo" design, but I used up things in my stash to put together.
I am loving doing hand embroidery .

This was another quilt I made and  all hand applique.
Now to get time to finish it off with some hand quilting.

Then something I so rarely  get - " a prize" !
I won this from Patchwork plus - it is a Gail Pain Christmas book and some panels
with her fabric.
and a cut little bag made by Sarah.
Such a generous giveaway from Patchwork plus
I was very excited to receive this.

I think I show already the fabulous workshop we did with Bonnie Sullivan at GDITC
It was so lovely to meet Bonnie:  (and of course all the girls that meet up each year):

This was Bonnie's finished one.

Was such a great workshop.
It wouldnt be the same if I didn't "dawniefie" mine,
so I added a little Japanese twist adding a  little boro.

I also enjoyed stressing it and doing a little antiquing to give it an aged look!

Just a fun collage from the weekend.

These are a couple of swap projects I made.
Jenny - Bird on the Border won both!!!
two separate draws - how funny!!

and these are the lovely gifts I received from the two swaps:

this one from a lady in  Grafton - Margaret - 

and these lovely gifts from De - just love the fabric and the button coaster - awesome.

It is always so nice to  both make and receive with "Swaps".

oh dear - it takes so long to upload pics.
there are more to come, but not now.

You get the drift - stitching never stops in this household!!
gotta get back to it.

keep stitching!!!!!!

And then there was "Anderson's Farm"....

 This one a BOM with Lynette Anderson - "Anderson's Farm".
4 parts of a 9 part BOM done
keep on track

As usual behind in blogging, but thought I would upload some over recent months.......

I made this Elizabeth Hartman Quilt over a  weekend.
it was a great one to stitch - Llola and Lloyd and the instructions were great.

This is the finished result......

I just now wait for it to be returned from  the quilters.

Folk Tales Quilt

Im not sure if I have put this up already. but this one was the most labour intensive quilt I have made. It was Sue Spargo's BOM in 2015 and took 18 months to finish.
it was such a joy to make and  even though it too a long time, I enjoyed every single stitch.
I was excited to get it back from the Quilter's late last year - she did an amazing job.

I actually saw the original  of it too when I was in Japan earlier in the year - I couldnt believe it.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Some pictures from Girls day in the country this time last week!!!

 You can tell when you are out in the wonderful country.
Lovely scenery and things to see on the way

 We arrived on Friday and the hall awaits us for the next day!
 Of course every visit  is always via this great little Old fashioned Exchange Store
 and of course Kerrie's lovely little patchwork shop.
 Friday night always lovely to catch up with friends from last year
Suzie, Fi, Janice,Kez,Jules and Dzintra
 not to mention the mischievous Lea and Jenny
 and there were the dedicated ones stitching away -
Donna/Marilyn/Susan/Linda and De
We had a swap - one was a "Bonnie Sullivan" pattern
that we had to do on something. for the Saturday workshop swap .. and one was for the "bloggers swap".

and can you believe "Jenny" won in both swaps:
I'll be back,.... more pics from the weekend to post soon

Well it has been a while since I have been in blogland,..... but I have had trouble signing in!!!

Any way - nothing has change here - it is one continuous Stitching world at this house!!!!

Last weekend - we had the "Annual" Girls Day In The Country in Nundle.  Unfortunately we have since learnt that this is the last one ...... so of course  we are all  disappointed,  having formed such wonderful friendships which for me has been over the past 8 years for this event,.
I am sure that it will still continue on.... we will make it happen!!!!

We had the lovely Bonnie Sullivan this year at the venue in Nundle which was organised by Kerry  from "Cottage on the Hill" who has done a great job getting it all  organised with all the set up , kit making etc etc to have it ready for the day.

Our project was something totally different this year and was a combination of an old quilt which we did some wool applique on and all set in a bamboo basket.

Of course I couldnt help myself to change to match my Japanese themed things at home, so did a little boro on top.

It was a great workshop and we did the Bamboo steamer, pincushion inside the lid and a needlebook.
Just loved doing this project and Bonnie was such a lovely tutor.  Kerry - thanks for organising a great weekend to make it once again a great success!!!

I will put some Nundle pics of all the fabulous girls soon - just need to work out out to download them to computer as cannot upload from phone to web!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

This one is a great size for cottons

I enjoyed making this one - it is a Sue Spargo project and was a fun one to whip up.
it is now getting lots of use.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


I have been doing this fun project whilst i take a break from quilts in progress

Monday, June 13, 2016

Back to my faves of using neutral taupey shades!!!M

It is always good to have diversions on the way though

Sewing party continues at my house......

You have just got to love l o n g weekends!!!!!
Lots of stitching happenening here this weekend....

A continuation from last weekend... More foundation piecing.......

Hooray at last All the pieces done

Now the best bit.... Joining them together!!!!

It is all coming together

The same but different

And then to join them all together!

Long weekend  is over and i am out of fabric for borders....., but managed to get this far!!!

Pattern, this is a Carolyn Hughey design .

Looking forward to finishing this quilt which i done using flannels. It will be warm over these cooler winter months.

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